Alpine S2-S80C – Next-Generation S-Series 8″ Component Speak…


Hi-Res Audio Certified: Enjoy an exceptional audio experience with the Hi-Res Audio Certification of the Next-Generation S-Series S2-S80C Component Speakers. These speakers are capable of reproducing frequencies up to 40kHz, providing an accurate and natural sound reproduction.
Unparalleled Performance: The S2-S80C is meticulously crafted using a unique combination of Poly Propylene, Glass Fiber, and Mica Cone materials. This construction ensures lightweight design, high output, and low distortion, resulting in a clean and precise audio experience that exceeds expectations.
Enhanced Bass Response: Immerse yourself in powerful and accurate bass notes thanks to the integration of Alpine’s exclusive High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround technology. This innovation enables maximum cone movement, delivering deep and impactful low-frequency performance.
Versatile Tweeter Design: The S2-S80C includes 1″ tweeters with threaded removable housing, allowing for flexible placement and easy customization of the speaker setup. Achieve optimal sound staging and imaging by adjusting the tweeters to suit your listening preferences.
Seamless Integration: With an 8″ woofer size, in-line crossovers, and OEM fitment, the S2-S80C component speaker set offers a seamless integration into your vehicle’s audio system. Experience an upgrade in sound quality while maintaining a factory-like appearance.

Price: $199.95
(as of Jan 03, 2024 17:57:34 UTC – Details)

Hi-Res Audio Certified: Enjoy an exceptional audio…