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19" tv19" tv

19 inch flat screen tv19 inch flat screen tv

22 inch tv22 inch tv

22 inch tv22 inch tv

led tvled tv

small tvsmall tv

22 television22 television

Q: Does work with a Comcast/Cable/Verizon/Xfinity/Spectrum/Fios remote?

A: You have to use two remotes; Use the Feihe remote for volume countries and to turn it off. Use your Comcast/Cable/Verizon/Xfinity/Spectrum/Fios remote control for everything else,the network providers do not recognize the manufacturer.Model number of TV was not able to be found.

Q: How to use the antenna with Feihe 19 inch tv?

A: It all depends on your local reception and where the TV is located in the house(Closer to the window works better)in order to pick up a signal. Use an indoor antenna, but only receive several channels if you live close to mountains and have poor reception without a dish or cable. Other areas, with an antenna are more successful. When the signal is strong the picture is good!

Q:TV not compatible with our cable TV provider?

A: First: The cable box needs to support the CEC function

Second: Then the cable box should be set to open the CEC function

Third: TV under HDMI channel, select MENU->OPTION->HDMI CEC->Select the last DeviceList, search for CEC support

Search for the channel, then use Feihe’s remote control to remote control the TV box.

Q: What if the TV speaker does not work, the screen is broken (or Black / Blue Vertical Line), or the remote control does not work?

A: Please contact the seller in time.

📺Multiple Ports for LED TV: 22 inch TV(NOT SMART TV) comes with a lot of compatibility features including: Built in USB Interface,(ATSC) RF In, 12V DC Power Supply, AV,VGA and HDMI Inputs, Headphone Jack.HDMI、VGA and USB inputs are connected with external audio and video playback. AV input is there to use with DVD players or Game Systems. Built in speaker for party while Headphone Jack is for private viewing, in addition, ATSC Tuner and Remote Control make this a potential move TV.
📺Crystal Clear Video and Audio: Enjoy your favorite movies, shows and sports on the 22 inch, 60Hz LED, 1920×1080 Crisp Resolution,Aspect ratio 16:9,Viewing angle 170°,Television screen which delivers deep blacks and rich colors. Pairing with the clarity of the LED flat screen is the stunning audio through state-of-the-art speakers.
📺Endless Connectivity: Computer,DVR,Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Roku, Slingbox, Chromecast, WIFI Box ,DVD players.HDTV is compatible with Amazon Firestick and many others such as video game consoles.Allows you to use your TV as a computer monitor.
📺Kitchen & RV TV: Wall-mountable TV (100mm x 100mm) is designed specifically to make your small and compact area in the house quite useful. You can enjoy watching your favorite shows and a lot more without worrying of putting this under cabinet tv at a special dedicated place. This portable tv is enough to be a good companion of yours, while you’re on the go in a truck, on RV camping or even if you have a tight kitchen space for your tv.
📺Unique Remote Control: Control your TV with one remote control with clear every button function, very easy to use.(Note: Because the remote control code is different,22 inch TV is not compatible with Xfinity/Direct tv/Comcast /Verizon remotes.Require user to have Two remote controls to operate TV.)

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