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bathroom mirrorbathroom mirror

Ever-evolving smart mirror TV

We will listen to your voice, continuously improve our products to better adapt to your needs and habits.

leotachi bathroom tvleotachi bathroom tv

Why Choose a Waterproof Bathroom TV?

Leotachi is a professional manufacturer who specializes in waterproof electronics.

Because Standard TVs are not designed to withstand moisture. For your use of security, our professional waterproof treatment of the TV body, even including ports and speakers. Our products pass industry Highest IP66 waterproof standards. You can watch your favorite TV show at the same time in the hot air bubble bathtub.


1. Add Fahrenheit temperature unit display.

Manual update is required, please obtain the upgrade installation package to proceed with the update.

2. Add message board function.

Let your loved ones still feel you care while using Mirror TV.

3. Add an external antenna.

It is not possible to upgrade manually, only the 2023 version of the product has upgraded the item.

bathroom TV waterproofbathroom TV waterproof

Bathroom Waterproof Mirror TV

smart mirror touch screen tvsmart mirror touch screen tv

Smart bathroom mirror TV

Leotachi Bathroom Mirror TV

What can leotachi do?

Leotachi are professional manufacturer who are specializes in waterproof electronics, such as Waterproof display, Waterproof Bathroom Smart Mirror, Outdoor waterproof TV, Store advertising machine etc…

Why do we do it well?

Leotachi always provides our best products with reliable quality and professional technology. Provides you with stunning picture quality and smart features and functions.

What makes our products unique?

Leotachi is a brand that is constantly innovating. We update and optimize our products at any time to enhance your experience in use.

waterproof bathroom TVwaterproof bathroom TV

IP66 Waterproof Bathroom TV

Leotachi’s reliable waterproof technology extends the life of waterproof bathroom mirror TVs

Leotachi's defogging functionLeotachi's defogging function

Bathroom TV with Defogging

The defogging function of Leotachi enhances your experience of using waterproof bathroom TV.

[Mirror Embedded Display Design]: This design allows you to do hair / makeup while watching tutorials, or watch the news while brushing your teeth, just turn off the switch and it is a 32″*24″ high-definition full-length mirror, allowing you to have both The dual function of mirror and display is a great value.
[Multi-Function Intelligent System]: Built-in network real-time weather forecast, time display, playing music, watching videos, browsing web pages, downloading APP, controlling smart home devices and other functions; wifi, wired network and Bluetooth connection functions meet your different needs; 10 Touch screen technology, control as you want.
[Adjustable Lighting Mirror]: You can easily adjust the desired light color and brightness according to your bathroom/bedroom environment – 3 color lighting (warm light/natural light/white light) and brightness intensity (0%-100%). Integrated LED lighting surrounds all 4 sides of the mirror, bringing light to your room and enriching the details of the mirror’s reflection, Prolonged viewing does not irritate the eyes.
[IP66 waterproof and safe voltage]: Safe low voltage of 12v without worrying about leakage. IP66 professional waterproof ensures safe lighting and use in wet bathroom environments, such as Bathroom washbasin, bedroom vanities, swimming pools, yachts, saunas, spas, hot tubs, steam rooms, barber stores, etc.
[Installation and Warranty Services]: Interfaces: HDMI*1/USB*2/Audio Out Port*1/LAN*1, TV works on 12 Volt DC and mains 240-adaptors included. We come with mounting brackets and instructions for easy installation on the wall. Please contact us if need any assistance, all received message will be replied within 24 hours. All our TVs come with 2 year warranty.

Price: $949.00
(as of Dec 31, 2023 17:50:26 UTC – Details)

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